Unity Lighting Pixel snapping

FYI, “Upscale Render Texture” does pixel snapping too.

and when I think about it, ofcourse it does.

Upscale Render Texture solves the issue with rotating sprites, but I assumed it would solve it within itself, and that the gameobjects position would be free to not snap to pixels, which I thought at the time, seems really silly… and ofcourse this isn’t the case; which is great.

Pixel Snapping just does pixel snapping without considering scale, it also doesn’t bother with 2D Lights. Not at 2019.3.6f1 atleast or in 2020.2.0a7 (tried in new project), unless I am being stupid.
I was staying clear of Upscale Render Texture as it says Pixel Snapping (only available when ‘Upscale Render Texture’ is disabled) – But they ofcourse meant just the setting, not that pixel snapping would not work. Confusing naming Unity…

I really do not know a use case for Pixel Snapping, if Upscale Render Texture exists.

I’m not sure who would want this:

PIxel Snapping on with rotated sprite

Upscale Render Texture on:

Upscale Render Texture (Also pixel snaps) on with rotated sprite

My goal was to have pixel snapping for everything, including lights. I googled sooo much and found nothing at the time of writing this so, I hope this helps others out too if they also search this, or me if I forget.