POP3/IMAP with Google Inbox

I don’t wanna be blogging about this kinda stuff, but I think the interwebs needs some steps to tell you how, from Google Inbox, to setup your bob@bobsburgers.com.

Unfortunately, our friends over at Google haven’t created a new interface for some stuff we had control of in “old” Gmail… and when you search “POP3/IMAP with Google Inbox”… there ain’t much out there ’cause you gotta use Gmail, so you might be like: “huh … but i’m using Inbox”. But then you try and use good ol’ Gmail but it might keep redirecting you back into Inbox…

Try this link… If it goes to Google Inbox then follow the steps below, otherwise skip to 4.

Step 1

Google Inbox Settings Button

Step 2

Untick “Redirect Gmail to inbox.google.com”.

Google Inbox Settings Modal on "Other" Tab

Step 3

Gmail -> Settings -> Accounts and Import

Step 4

You are now where you need to be for adding sender and receiver accounts to your Gmail/Google Inbox Account.


Google have provided help to use these tools.

Good luck, folks!