Using Angular 2 built-in pipes within the Typescript/Javascript

Angular built-in pipes are all immediately available for use in any template but it requires a few more lines to have access within the actual Javascript/Typescript.

Making your site “Social Media Friendly”

Lets make your site look cool on social media!

POP3/IMAP with Google Inbox

Some steps to tell you how, from Google Inbox, to setup your ``.

“Cannot get /routeName” (grunt-contrib-connect + Angular 2 Router)

I ran into this error when using Angular 2 Router with grunt-contrib-connect. After a bit of digging around, this is a super simple fix if you don’t require any advanced stuff. It uses the middleware property. It …

New site!

Its out!! Check out some of the stuff I put in the site: Weather API I retrieve local weather data by sending lat lon (using HTML5 Geolocation API) to OpenWeatherMap. This comes back with a bunch of …

BB8 Demo

I made this during the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hype! …