“Cannot get /routeName” (grunt-contrib-connect + Angular 2 Router)

I ran into this error when using Angular 2 Router with grunt-contrib-connect. After a bit of digging around, this is a super simple fix if you don’t require any advanced stuff. It uses the middleware property. It …

New site!

Its out!! Check out some of the stuff I put in the site: Weather API I retrieve local weather data by sending lat lon (using HTML5 Geolocation API) to OpenWeatherMap. This comes back with a bunch of …

BB8 Demo

I made this during the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hype! …

Using Templating Engines to Streamline WordPress Theme Development

An article I wrote for CSS-Tricks on using several templating engines that can be used to make WordPress theme development that much more fun to write.

Using The Gamepad API In Web Games

An article I wrote for Smashing Magazine on the Gamepad API.

How to Make a Smartphone Controlled 3D Web Game

A tutorial I wrote for CSS-Tricks, explaining an approach on how to connect your smartphone to a 3D web game. Making a car which you can control by tilting your phone (using the phone’s accelerometer). Using the JavaScript library three.js for working with WebGL as well as WebSockets through the socket.io library and a few other web technologies.