Unity Lighting Pixel snapping

FYI, “Upscale Render Texture” does pixel snapping too. and when I think about it, ofcourse it does. Upscale Render Texture solves the issue with rotating sprites, but I assumed it would solve it within itself, and that the gameobjects position …

Github Actions with private package (Github Package Registry or NPM)

I’m just leaving this here for self help in the future and maybe help others, I could be wrong as I’m new to Github Actions at this time. I have an Angular project that uses a private package I publish …

Spritesheet Bleed

Common problem, specifically in Unity, whereby “lines” show due the nature of the rendering engine; (maybe because it’s a 3D framework?). This is the kinda thing you see: You can usually fix it by creating a Pixel Snap Material …

Creating an Angular 6 Library

Creating Angular libraries / modules you can share accross node projects, in previous versions of Angular was a real pain and required alot more manual work to install the correct bundlers etc. Angular 6 has made this so easy now.

`this` context lost in Javascript/Typescript

In Javascript, the context of `this` is often “lost”, but what it’s actually doing is indeed referencing the current scope it’s in at runtime. `this` Javascript behavior is a big reason why people dislike the language so much. Hater’s gon’ hate! Typescript offers an easy solution to this which compiles into the Javascript you would have had to written to resolve this.

Using Angular 2 built-in pipes within the Typescript/Javascript

Angular built-in pipes are all immediately available for use in any template but it requires a few more lines to have access within the actual Javascript/Typescript.