`this` context lost in Javascript/Typescript

In Javascript, the context of `this` is often “lost”, but what it’s actually doing is indeed referencing the current scope it’s in at runtime. `this` Javascript behavior is a big reason why people dislike the language so much. Hater’s gon’ hate! Typescript offers an easy solution to this which compiles into the Javascript you would have had to written to resolve this.

Using Angular 2 built-in pipes within the Typescript/Javascript

Angular built-in pipes are all immediately available for use in any template but it requires a few more lines to have access within the actual Javascript/Typescript.

Making your site “Social Media Friendly”

Lets make your site look cool on social media!

POP3/IMAP with Google Inbox

Some steps to tell you how, from Google Inbox, to setup your `bob@bobsburgers.com`.

“Cannot get /routeName” (grunt-contrib-connect + Angular 2 Router)

I ran into this error when using Angular 2 Router with grunt-contrib-connect. After a bit of digging around, this is a super simple fix if you don’t require any advanced stuff. It uses the middleware property. It …

New site!

Its out!! Check out some of the stuff I put in the site: Weather API I retrieve local weather data by sending lat lon (using HTML5 Geolocation API) to OpenWeatherMap. This comes back with a bunch of …